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I help couples by offering practical tools and guidance for a very challenging time in your lives. Our appointments are convenient, discrete and can be carried out in your own home via Zoom. I listen to your needs, your goals, and help you create a plan to make it happen.

Dating coaching

As your dating coach, I offer personalized dating guidance sessions to bring you dating success! I will help you present the best possible version of you to the world, to attract the type of mate you deserve.

I will help you explore the traits and values your future partner should possess and how to attract that person.



When was the last time you and your partner kissed? I am not talking about an impersonal peck on the lips. I mean a passionate kiss. One that leaves a sensation on your lips for the rest of the day. If you cannot remember the last time you received this kind of kiss, you and your partner may be in more trouble than you think.

Couples continue to fall into the same loveless trap, living like roommates rather than lovers, a mechanical routine. Their relationship no longer resembles what it once was. Communication becomes strained, and their union dissipates. What was once a forward-moving relationship is now a stagnant chore. For those looking for a potential partner, this can manifest as a lack of confidence.


Every relationship is salvageable no matter what stage it’s at as long as each partner is willing to maintain and foster their love. It can be hard to know where to begin. That is where I come in. As a relationship and sex coach, I am well equipped to create individualized plans for couples. Taking these steps will not only help your relationship survive, but will help solidify the foundations for a long-lasting commitment.

I focus on the now, so that your future can be full of love and desire. Your plan will include a combination of work and play. We will start with a complimentary 15-minute session that will help me understand your needs. I will answer your questions and explain my process. I will hold you accountable every step of the way. Relationships are about the small things that we do every day to make our partner and ourselves happy. I will provide you with a blueprint that includes date ideas and intimacy strategies.


My individualized plans are applicable to couples looking for a healthy, spontaneous relationship. I conduct my sessions in a safe, confidential space where you and your partner can express your needs privately or together. It can be hard to be vulnerable, especially when the love you cherish is at stake. Relationship strife can leave you feeling defenseless and out of control.

The work that we do together will improve you and your partner’s quality of life. Investing in compassion, mutual respect, and improved communication will lead to greater intimacy in your relationship and stability in your outward life. Healthy patterns are crucial to your overall success. Once you have completed your sessions with me, you won’t be wondering when you last received a passionate kiss from your partner.

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Someone to simply listen and offer practical guidance can work wonders for your love life.

Do you want to turn your cabin fever into a romantic fever?


Want to hear more from Marie-Claire? Listen to her podcast, The Passion Perspective.
The Passion Perspective dives deep into all things sex and romance. It answers your most desired questions in an open, curious environment.


Light a romantic fire in your relationship that will last longer than any vacation tan. In The Honeymoon Playbook, I share activities, games and tips to make this trip the best of your life. But you don’t have to wait for a vacation; take a weekend to connect with your loved one.
Single? The kissing and intimacy tips in this book will cement your future relationship with your number 1 soul mate.
The Playbook tackles everything from travel to intimacy, making this a must-read for newlyweds and long-time partners alike.


“Having my son is the best thing that happened to me in my life. But it had an opposite effect for my relationship. We tried so hard to make it work. I was pretty sure we were going to break up, until we met MC. She is very honest and respectful about our issues and always makes both of us accountable to take action. Three months later, our divorce is off the table!
Another three months later and we feel more united then ever and attracted to each other again. We are learning couple skills from her that are going to benefit us for the rest of our life. MC is the best of the best. We highly recommend her to anyone that want to improve their relationship”
– Angela & Kenneth


Marie-Claire provides a road-map for instilling romantic intimacy right from the beginning, breaking down what seems like mystery or luck and showing us how to build on our strengths and desires until the fire is roaring.


Even though it is intended for the honeymoon phase, the tips and activities can extend well into daily use. I especially enjoyed the interactive part of the book where both parties get to write in the book. This helps with communication. The suggestions within the book are definitely ways to spice up a marriage. I cannot wait to do a lot of these activities with my husband!


“I would absolutely recommend your workshops. You bring a skillset but also light and engagement that makes it welcoming. You covered a lot of material in a relatively short period. It was great having the ability to speak and share in a safe environment.”

– Shannon Crystal.


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