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Marie-Claire (M-C) creates fun and comprehensive coaching plans — for all couples — that are based on a couple’s unique needs and goals. Based on 40 years of Gottman’s Therapy research.

You deserve more love, connection, and pleasure in your life. Reserve your free 15-minute discovery call to discover how M-C can re-invigorate your relationship through relationship coaching with bliss and enjoyment.


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“Ready to Transform Your Relationship? Start with Gottman Test and Meet Marie-Claire!”

Are you are experiencing a “rough patch” with your partner? Perhaps one that has lasted for months or even years? Relationship coaching with Marie-Claire is the solution you’ve been searching for!

Is your day-to-day filled with…

  • Communication challenges?
  • “I am right, and you are wrong” arguments?
  • Intimacy or sexual issues?
  • Financial issues?
  • Feeling more like roommates?
  • A feeling that you may never have a relationship like when you first met?

This DOESN’T have to be permanent!

Evidence-based couples coaching provides an ENGAGING and FUN solution to some of the most common problems couples face. Marie-Claire uses her experience — combined with The Gottman Therapy Method — to help you to completely understand both of your strengths and weaknesses.

She will compassionately guide you through the techniques that have helped hundreds of thousands of couples worldwide.


What Do ALL Couples Gain From
Relationship Coaching?

Relationship Bliss
Relationship Bliss

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Lasting Results

Through a guided, no-time-wasted plan of thrilling home play assignments, and empathetic, science-backed coaching, you and your partner will experience meaningful results after relationship coaching that last well beyond your sessions.

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M-C’s clients often say:


Light a romantic fire in your relationship that will last longer than any vacation tan! In The Honeymoon Playbook, Marie-Claire shares tantalizing activities, games, and tips to make your next trip the BEST one of your life! Plot twist: You don’t have to wait for a vacation. Take a weekend at home to connect with your partner.
Single? The proven intimacy tips in this book will make your next relationship more connected and romantic than ever before!
The Playbook tackles everything from travel to intimacy, making this a must-read for newlyweds and long-time partners alike.



“Having my son is the best thing that happened to me in my life. But it had an opposite effect for my relationship. We tried so hard to make it work. I was pretty sure we were going to break up, until we met MC. She is very honest and respectful about our issues and always makes both of us accountable to take action. Three months later, our divorce is off the table!
Another three months later and we feel more united then ever and attracted to each other again. We are learning couple skills from her that are going to benefit us for the rest of our life. MC is the best of the best. We highly recommend her to anyone that want to improve their relationship”
– Angela & Kenneth


Marie-Claire provides a road-map for instilling romantic intimacy right from the beginning, breaking down what seems like mystery or luck and showing us how to build on our strengths and desires until the fire is roaring.


Even though it is intended for the honeymoon phase, the tips and activities can extend well into daily use. I especially enjoyed the interactive part of the book where both parties get to write in the book. This helps with communication. The suggestions within the book are definitely ways to spice up a marriage. I cannot wait to do a lot of these activities with my husband!


“I would absolutely recommend your workshops. You bring a skillset but also light and engagement that makes it welcoming. You covered a lot of material in a relatively short period. It was great having the ability to speak and share in a safe environment.”

– Shannon Crystal.

Embrace love, respect, and authenticity as a couple. Build a lasting bond rooted in acceptance and trust. Thrive together in a safe, affirming space. Unleash your full potential. Start your journey now.