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Marie-Claire Thauvette (M-C)

MC is a successful entrepreneur, professional educator, and woman on a mission: to teach individuals and couples alike about the power to improve relationships, intimacy, and communication – and how to have FUN doing it.

She is the award-winning author of Honeymoon Playbook, Co-host of The Passion Perspective Podcast. She is also a nutrition consultant.

MC combines her over 30 years of teaching experience and her AASECT and ISEE Sexual Educator and has completed Gottman’s Level 2 certifications.

MC Thauvette



Marie-Claire dedicates herself to helping singles and couples find the healthy love that they deserve. MC will set you on a path of passion that will reignite the spark within you and your partner.

“M-C is a very familiar face in the industry, since she LOVES talking about sex and relationships. She was also featured on an expert panel for Rethink Breast Cancer, in the Ottawa Citizen as a kissing expert

She offers these retreats: This Couple’s on Fire, Feminine Shifts, Tantric Sex, and workshops on How to be a Sex God/Goddess, Communication, Intimacy and Cancer and Outside the Box Date night ideas.

More recently, Marie-Claire has starred on Barbara Balfour’s “Ask an Expert”. For the @metoo movement and was a guest on the one hour TV show Real Talk with Sarah on Sex through the Years  was on.  

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