Writing an Amazon Bestseller has been a beautiful, interesting and amazing experience. Creating a book for singles and couples alike, provides the opportunity to help as many people as possible. Ultimately, this is the goal for Marie-Claire. Allowing as many people to experience fulfillment and happiness in their relationships is the goal!


Honeymoon Playbook is mainly aimed at honeymooners and couples. However, the tips and tricks contained in the book are even relevant to singles who are looking for ways to woo a new partner, AND keep them!

why should i check out honeymoon playbook?

 Usually, when we’re travelling around unfamiliar territory, we need a map, right? Well, the same goes for human anatomy, physical intimacy and loving relationships! Think of Honeymoon Playbook as your roadmap to mastering the world of relationships and learning it inside out. Honeymoon Playbook breaks everything down and even makes it a whole lot of fun! There’s loads of games in there you can play and new ways of connecting and relating to your partner.

Are you curious to learn more about how Honeymoon Playbook became an Amazon Bestseller? Check out my interview with the lovely Sarah Sambles here to learn more.

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