3 Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day

Valentine's Day often gets completely blown out of proportion: the expectation of over-the-top gifts and life-changing experiences on a single day can result in frustration and disappointment. More and more couples are jointly choosing to simply pretend that...

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4 Sexy Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Between the diminishing sunlight, below-freezing temperatures, and snow squalls – winter isn’t most people’s favourite season. But December-March doesn’t have to be a total drag. Use these 5 tips to heat up the winter months in the best possible way.

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4 Ways to Have Great Sex on Your Wedding Night

Whether you're a virgin or not, any mention of your wedding night is bound to come with lots of not-so-subtle winks and knowing smiles. So what's my advice for how to have great sex on your wedding night? (1) Don't have sex. No, seriously. After all the emotional...

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Best Natural Lube

Using lube is a great way to make sure that both partners stay comfortable and feel sexy during the act. However, be careful when you are choosing what kind of lube to use. Here are some of my favourite all natural lubes!

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Can Sex Save Your Marriage?

Can sex save a marriage? The short answer is: sort of. When couples’ sex life starts to lag, or they forget how to communicate their needs and desires, the overall relationship well-being can seriously suffer. These are the stories of 2 couples who saved their marriages through intimacy guidance.

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