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The Ottawa Regional Health Foundation states that both men and women report struggling with their sexual health during and after cancer treatment in surprising numbers. Up to 45% of men facing prostate cancer and 49% of women facing different types of cancer struggle with issues like negative body image, fatigue, loss of sexual desire, and physical symptoms like vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, or urinary and bowel dysfunction.

Marie-Claire Thauvette can help you with these issues and all things related to relationships, intimacy and sexuality. She has the empathy, compassion, dedication and education to not only help you improve intimacy and sexuality with your partner and yourself, but it is also her mission to ensure that you have a much needed healing experience with yourself and your partner or spouse through intimacy and sex. She is in your couple’s corner all the way!


Marie-Claire’s first experience helping a cancer survivor was eight years ago when she helped a friend that had a double mastectomy to navigate sex after cancer. She told her friend about her mom’s sex and cancer journey, which was exactly the story she needed to hear to turn her and her partner’s sex life around. Marie-Claire told the story of asking her mother, after her breast cancer surgery, ‘What about your sexual needs mom?’ Mom proudly said cheekily: ‘Don’t worry sweetheart, I have other parts that are working just great.’

When Marie-Claire saw the light bulb go off in her friend’s eyes, she decided without a doubt, that she would help women and men navigate the world of sex after cancer. Marie-Claire even wrote a paper on sex and prostate cancer in her post graduate studies that deepened her resolve to not only help women, but also men. She prides herself on her track record; 100% of her clients and students that are positive about improving their sex lives have better intimacy and a better sex life than before cancer.

We started consulting with MC because our relationship had problems. The hardships that life brought us had serious impacts on the health of our relationship. From the first session, we experienced rapid and significant improvements. We are now happier and way more optimistic for the future. I warmly recommend MC to you if you are like us. I only regret that we did not meet her earlier. Thank you very much MC.