Relationship Bliss

Welcome to the Elevate to Bliss: Couples Communication Retreat

This retreat will be delivered in English, however, Marie-Claire (MC) is bilingual.

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Couples Retreat in Chelsea Québec

We aim to fortify your connection and elevate your relationship. Through years of dedicated research, we’ve meticulously curated and developed tools to help your couple with empathetic and loving communication. These resources are tailored to help you acquire invaluable communication skills, foster a profound appreciation for each other, and gain insights during our dynamic sessions. We aim to fortify your connection and elevate your relationship to new heights.

Following this retreat, both you and your partner will leave feeling revitalized and invigorated. The rejuvenating spa experience will leave you refreshed, while the newfound skills and motivation gained during the retreat will propel you forward on your renewed journey together as a couple.

Together, we will…


Discover your love languages and learn how to cherish each other with a solid action plan.


Bring healing, peace, and empathy to your couple through a MC’s time-tested communication tools.


Equip you with repair strategies to reduce the pain of conflict, so you can get back to enjoying one another peacefully and contentedly.


Dive into the issues behind your intimacy blocks and discover how to relay your needs without making each other feel pressured.


Identify your intimacy Breaks and Accelerators to pursue your sexiest pleasure.


Inject play into your couple through fun assignments that challenge you to re explore your passion for one another.

Coaching Schedule

7-8:30 pm Thursday, April 4th
9-11:30 am Friday, April 5th to Sunday, April 7th
The rest of each day can be spent at the couples’ discretion.

The Ideal Place for Clearing Your Mind and Energizing Your Body

This retreat includes:

  • Lodging in one of our 8 pavilions

  • Tonique Cuisine meals, a tasty anti-inflammatory gastronomy

  • Unlimited access to all facilities: thermotherapy, gym, and 15 km of trails

  • Sessions of your choice offered on our daily activity calendar

  • Possibility of adding treatments and consultations: massage, facial, naturopathy consultation, and more.

In the Enchanting Setting of the Oasis

This retreat takes place in one of the Oasis pavilions founded on the best principles of sustainable development, in the heart of nature. In addition to its beautiful glass room, this pavilion offers an infrared sauna, a 4-season solarium, and a roof terrace.


Sleep in the Oasis

By choosing an Oasis room, you will be accommodated in the establishment where all the workshops of the retreat will be held, allowing you to settle down completely.

All-Inclusive Package: Clear Paths to Your Wellness Goals

Retreat workshops with Marie-Claire, accommodation for 3 nights, 3 healthy fine cuisine meals per day, workshops and conferences on the art of healthy living, and access to Eastman-les-Bains (swimming pool, bath hammam, outdoor hot baths, bath and Kneipp circuit, polar bath, ecological pond for swimming) – Access to trails and gym.


The rooms are guaranteed for a maximum of 4 p.m. on the day of arrival.


Your room must be vacated and the key must be given to reception before 11:00 am.


Prices displayed are per person. Service charges are included in meals. Furthermore taxes. Prices are subject to change.

Cancellation Policies

Cancellation by the participant:

  • Cancellation between 15 days and 1 day before arrival: A $200 penalty fee is charged to the customer. The balance is refunded to the customer.

  • Cancellation within 24 hours of arrival: 100% of the cost of the package (accommodation, meals, and workshops of the organizer) is billed to the customer.

If the group is cancelled by the organizer or the Spa Eastman, the participant will be reimbursed in full without penalty.

Information Request

Ready to elevate your relationship? For more information or to reserve your spot, please contact us. We look forward to welcoming you to this transformative experience!


We would recommend Marie-Claire to any couple who feels like there is room for improvement in intimacy, connection and overall relationship health. Marie-Claire brings an incredible amount of expertise to the table, but the most impressive aspect of working with her was how comfortable she made us feel throughout the process. We had the opportunity to attend a 3-day retreat with Marie-Claire – and all we can say is WOW. The entire session was fully tailored to our needs as a couple, and we came away from that retreat in the best shape we’ve been in 15 years. We honestly wish we had found Marie-Claire earlier in our relationship.  Thank you MC!

Lacey and Jean

MC has a way of carefully listening to our individual needs and then using that information to help us connect on a deeper level; while taking into account our unique beings. Personally for me, I had a tremendous breakthrough: I learned how to start getting out of my “HEAD” and into my body without judgment. Basically, she taught me how to “LET GO” of my fears; my preconceived notions; and to JUST BE PRESENT, EMBRACE and ENJOY being with my partner FREELY and WITHOUT JUDGEMENT. I was able to experience total joy and freedom for the first time with my beautiful and amazing partner. With MC’s strategies, we are now able to connect genuinely at a deeper level whilst accepting and respecting our individual needs. THANK YOU MC! YOU are truly the GODDESS OF LOVE!