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Dating has always been tough at the best of times, and it’s getting tougher. Today we may connect via quick texts, dating apps, and various video tools. These impersonal methods can leave you feeling uncertain, confused, or discouraged. You may fear that your desires are unattainable or wonder if you can meet the expectations of others. 

Ghosting, breadcrumbing, and abuse can shake your confidence and leave you fearful of vulnerability. You may even wonder if it’s worth the effort and if you should decide to stop searching.


The good news is that many people meet their soulmates and develop meaningful relationships with the above methods. With guidance, it’s not as scary as you might think. Establishing a plan that works best for you will provide you with the skills you need. You will build your confidence and allow your authentic self to shine for the right person.
As a certified couple’s coach and Sexual Educator for over 25 years, I have the experience and tools to guide you. We’ll begin by examining your dating history to identify your strengths and weaknesses and which cycles worked best. We will identify your values and love languages to create a template for your future ideal partner. We will also identify issues with past partners and develop criteria on who you should a void in the future. I will support and encourage you as you apply your plan and resume dating. I will teach you about the importance of active listening, both for yourself and your date, to support you in your dating ventures. You will also learn about simmering, love blasts, discovery play, and sexual confidence. All of these will give you dating confidence and allow you to present your most authentic self.


Knowing how you want to be loved is essential to your well-being. Knowing how to receive love and give love to your partner in a way that they will best appreciate it, is the foundation of a strong relationship.

Learning to recognize potential issues early is also a powerful way to ensure your efforts are directed to your desired relationship.

Your dream of a fulfilling, long-lasting relationship is achievable, even with today’s current societal challenges. The starting point is within you, both in learning more about yourself and what you can give to a partner.

A healthy relationship will carry over to all parts of your life. Your relationship will make you a better parent, employee, family member, creative, and lover.


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