Relationship Bliss

Spas are expensive – and they can be intimidating if you have never been to one before. Instead of spending money to be pampered by strangers, pamper each other in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

Put crisp white sheets on the bed, light some fresh scented candles (lavender works well), turn on some soothing music, and put the massage oil in an easily accessible place. Then, run a warm bath (don’t forget the scented bath bombs!). Soak in the tub and let the heat penetrate your tired muscles. One of you should put your robes in the dryer, so they are nice and cozy when you get out.

Then, take turns massaging each other from head to toe!

Don’t forget the face: gently massage lotion onto each other’s face, and place cucumbers over the eyes for the full effect! You’ll both feel so relaxed, and the physical touch will deepen your connection.