Emotional Support is Crucial When Times Are Tough

Sometimes we all need a bit of extra love to get us through some hard cards that get dealt in our lives. In a relationship, our partners are that primary source of comfort and emotional support. We tell our partners more than we tell most of our family and friends. They know us intimately and on a deep level. When going through tough times, your partner putting in that little bit of extra effort to make sure you’re okay… it really deepens the bond and builds trust.

If you’re wanting to be there for your significant other then check out the video below. I offer some suggestions on how to best show your love and support. If you’re someone that’s going through a difficult time right now, maybe after watching this video you could suggest some of the ideas in the video. You could express to your partner that you would love if they could do some of these things for you while you get through this.

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