Relationship Bliss

9-Night Couples' Cruise to Hawaii

Want a deeper and more loving bond with your spouse or partner?

Go from bickering, arguing, or ignoring to “that’s why I fell in love with you!”


All is going well?

Then, let’s level up your communication style and intimacy.

This Hawaiian cruise couples retreat is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Imagine your couple being transformed on the ultimate relationship-uplifting trip of your lives.

Give your most important relationship the attention it deserves by escaping to this science-based life-transforming couples’ retreat on a Pacific Ocean cruise on October 6, 2023. The only one of its kind! Hosted in person by the highly acclaimed Canadian author and Relationship, Conscious Loving, and Intimacy Coach, Marie-Claire (M-C) Thauvette.

The first five days are at sea, and this is the perfect time to hold a couples retreat. The end goal, you will have received and practices advanced communication tools and given very private home-play intimacy exercises to do in the privacy of your cabin.

You will feel transformed with a deeper bond of love. Picture yourself on a 9-day cruise with your spouse from Vancouver, Canada to the exotic islands of Hawaii: Lahaina, Maui (two days), Kauai, Hawaii, and arrive in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.

Hawaii’s reputation as a bucket-list vacation destination is well-deserved, based on its simply spectacular combination of natural beauty, adventure, and romance!

Our commitment to you for this retreat:

  • We want to see your couple win! Your commitment to each other is the key
  • No kids, no work, no distractions. Nothing to do but reconnect.  
  • Focused communication and intimacy workshops, combined with private couple therapy sessions, will set you up to learn, grow, and evolve into your best couple. 
  • The intensive nature of this retreat can replace up to six months of private therapy, produce longer lasting results, and change your lives!

Your personalized success plan:

Marie-Claire will get to know you and your partner before the retreat by meeting online.

  • We will answer your questions, discuss any specific needs or requirements you may have, and align expectations.
  • You will start by completing the internationally acclaimed Gottman’s Check-Up Test.
  • Marie-Clarie will analyze the results to help you identify your strengths as a couple and uncover areas that could be improved.
  • They will also identify relationship risks and will suggest changes to fill out your success plan.

Benefits of the Relationship Bliss Retreat:

  • Provide you with a range of tools to rediscover the passion in your relationship.
  • Teach you ways to create your Happiness Plan.
  • Offer you a safe space to share intimate moments with your loved one.
  • Develop the skills to understand better each other’s needs and problem-solve.
  • Learn how to clearly and calmly communicate and manage conflict.
  • Spice up your intimate life in the bedroom by learning to rediscover each other.
  • Discover, strengthen, and restore your love and passion for each other.
  • Have fun as you play together in a magical romantic environment!.

Chrissy and Vinnie’s experience in Beautiful Hawaii

What Makes This Retreat So Special

Your Journey with Your Coach:

M-C is passionate and caring about transforming couples’ loving and communicative connection. She even thrives on it! She has a very structured approach but is flexible in altering the curriculum to suit the group’s needs. She will be interviewing and testing every couple and adapting to this group’s needs.

Not too many coaches or therapists care enough to set up a session after the retreat. She will give you a list of reminders of what you learned on this retreat and will discuss what your couple needs to focus on individually.

No more boring date nights allowed: You will also receive 10 or more unique and exciting date night ideas.

This is a 9-day cruise, your final 4 days are in Kauai, Maui and our final destination is Honolulu. Your four last days are the reward and now you get to put the lessons into practice for a bonding future.

Are you ready for your remote Hawaiian getaway?

 Kauai’s Napali Coast is renowned but surprisingly uncrowded. After docking in Kauai, you can drive along the seemingly hidden Napali Coast. My husband, Gerry, and I took an unforgetable Heli-ride in Kaui. Even in Maui, which has become more popular, “secret” beaches (and red ones, like Kaihalulu Beach) provide respite from the crowds.

Our final arrival port is Honolulu, which packs a diverse culture and laid-back attitude into a beautiful setting. Visit Pearl Harbor and tour Iolani Palace — the only former residence of a royal family in the U.S. — to delve deeper into the Hawaiian capital’s unique history.

Snorkel Hanauma Bay or hike the iconic Diamond Head volcano to get up close and personal with the natural wonders that keep people coming back year after year. Head to nearby Waikiki for a surf; the calm waters are perfect for any experience level.

White Sand Beaches

Escape the hustle and bustle as you re-ignite the flame with your loved one. Take a step back in time while wandering untouched landscapes formed more than 5 million years ago. Welcome to the land of romance. Your unforgettable journey is about to begin.

Beautiful Beachfronts

Your lusicous island getaway continues with world class cafes, restaurants and all the activities you could ask for. Imagine snorkeling crystal blue waters with your love by your side, vibrant fabulous colours as far as the eye can see. Don’t miss your opportunity for this once in a lifetime experience!

Breath Taking Views

Enjoy a hike through the picturesque setting only Hawaii can provide, while you hold hands and feel the connection grow strong. The adventure never stops and the love flows free as you form an even more unbreakable bond. The island is the place you want to be.

Birds Eye View

You haven’t seen Hawaii until you’ve seen it from the sky! Explore all the islands have to offer from the comfort of a romantic helicopter ride. Nestle in close and take in the views as you fly free as a bird. This is one trip you want to book quick.



Day 1

⦁ 5:15 PM
Sunset cocktail and mocktail party

Dinner reservations are made, we will eat together and bond as a group

After dinner aromatherapy massage oil workshop & retreat agreements

Day 2

⦁ 8:00 AM
Appreciation walk on the ship and stretching to start the day energized!

Receive your morning cabin-play assignment 

⦁ 9:30 AM
Group session: Goals, appreciation, fondness and admiration and conflict resolution
⦁ 10:30 AM
Group session: Understanding Intimacy & communication
⦁ 1:00 PM
Cabin-play assignment 

⦁3:00 PM Session to help increase confidence, inner-feminine and desire 

Day 3

⦁ 8:00 AM
Appreciation walk on the ship and stretching to start the day energized!

Receive your morning cabin-play room assignment 

⦁ 9:30 AM
Group session: Getting equipped with love that lasts with love languages

⦁ 10:45 AM
Group session: What are our erotic breaks and accelorators? 
⦁ 1:00 PM
Cabin-play assignment

⦁3:00 PM

Pleasure techniques for Yoni massage mastery

⦁ 5:45 PM
Optional activity: Dinner together at a foodie restaurant (not included in price, we suggest you get the specialty restaurant package)

Day 4

Sleep in  

⦁ 10:45 AM 

How to repair quickly from conflict, and how to ensure continuous positive communication.

⦁ 1:00 PM
Cabin-play assignment 

⦁3:00 PM 

Pleasure techniques for Lingam massage mastery

Day 5

⦁ 8:00 AM
Appreciation walk on the ship and stretching to start the day energized!

Receive your morning cabin-play assignment 

⦁ 9:30 AM
Group session: Building the Love Bank and We-ness
⦁ 10:45 AM
Group session: Developing date-night plans and an new intimacy routine with built-in spontaneity

Your personalized plan for continued positive communication and intimacy

⦁ 6:30 pm Last dinner together and celebration

Day 6-9

Enjoy your renewed loving bond while we visit three Hawaien Islands. It is the icing on the cake…your couple deserve this life long dream and treat.

Keeping the Love Alive…

Complimentary ZOOM follow-up session with MC to ensure that you are keeping up with your communication and intimacy plans. 

Future Success…

Book your private retreat at The Canada Yurt of Love 



Who Are We?

Marie-Claire Thauvette (M-C), B.A., B.Ed. AASECT, WASC, Relationship and Sex Coach

More about Marie-Claire…

  • Over ten years of experience as a Couples and Sexuality Coach
  • AASECT Board Certified Sexual Educator
  • World Association Sex Coach
  • Level 2 Gottman’s
  • National level speaker
  • Award-winning author of Honeymoon Playbook
  • Over 20 years of experience as a Stress Relief Coach
  • Nutrition Consultant
  • Relaxation Massage and Sensual Massage Teacher
  • Belly and burlesque dancer
  • Co-host of the Passion Perspective podcast

M-C provides couples with fun, mindful, and innovative solutions — backed by science — to help them bond and build strong futures.

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Your investment for relationship BLISS: $4679 per person Canadian

Non-refundable but transferable to sessions.
(Executive Coaching Receipts available)
This is a lifetime, unforgettable gift for your couple. (Flight not included)

You don’t want to miss this great opportunity to elevate your relationship to a healthy, strong, and more blissful state.

Once you sign up for our relationship retreat for couples, a member of our team will call you and your partner to finalize registration. We want to make sure that this retreat is right for your couple.
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PLAY to invest in your couple!

“I was going through a very hard time. Just talking to MC made me feel more confident and secure to take the next step in my life. She is very supportive and understanding, it is clear how passionate she is and how she is willing to help until the end. I really recommend her.”

– Emily V.