Relationship Bliss

Firstly, my mother had breast cancer. When I asked her: ‘Mom, how did you feel about losing your breast?’. She said, I have another one, and other lady parts that are still working just great.’

It is that exact positive attitude, along with education on what exactly you could do with those sexy lady parts that I just had to share. So, I spoke at a workshop for women with breast cancer this week. Also, I did not present alone. I had the help of my valued assistant, my vulva puppet; Velma. Nine beautiful women shared lots of laughs and had many intimacy questions answered. We had a blast!

They were also comforted that they can look very hot in one of Linda’s stylish wigs. The presentation was organized and sponsored by Look Beyond Mastectomy Boutique .

Bringing these ladies hope that sex after breast cancer can actually be better. This energized them and me too. I am on fire to help women with intimacy and breast cancer.