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Welcome to the Gottman Assessment

Unlock the potential of your relationship with the Gottman Assessment, a powerful tool meticulously designed to shed light on the strengths and areas for growth within your partnership. Our online questionnaire delves deep, exploring nearly 350 thoughtfully crafted questions covering vital aspects such as friendship, intimacy, conflict resolution, trust, and more.

What Does the Assessment Cover?

The assessment provides a comprehensive analysis across five key domains:

    • Friendship and Intimacy
    • Trust & Safety
    • Conflict Management
    • Shared Meaning
    • Individual Areas of Concern

    Why Take the Assessment?

    Investing in the Gottman Assessment is an investment in understanding yourself, your partner, and your relationship on a profound level. By identifying potential areas for improvement, you are proactively nurturing and fortifying the bond you share.

      Confidentiality and Security

      Rest assured, your privacy is our priority. With over 50 years of research backing our methods, the Gottman Assessment adheres to strict confidentiality standards and is HIPAA-compliant. Your responses are seen only by your coach, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment throughout the assessment process.

        How to Get Started

        Ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery and relationship enrichment? Begin by booking a coaching session with a certified Gottman Method evaluator. Upon booking, you’ll receive an email invitation to create a private profile and complete the questionnaire at your convenience. Your coach will then meticulously analyze your scores and provide personalized insights along with a tailored treatment plan to strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

          Cost and What’s Included

          The cost of the assessment is $250, encompassing the test protocol, evaluation, and review of results. Please note that this fee does not cover coaching sessions to discuss the results or any subsequent coaching sessions you may opt for.


          Invest in Your Relationship Today

          Take the first step towards cultivating a stronger, more fulfilling connection with the Gottman Assessment. Start your journey today and pave the way for a lifetime of love and understanding.