We are incredibly proud to introduce Canada’s passionate sex and relationship expert: Marie-Claire Thauvette.


Now taking bookings for Marie-Claire to meet with presenters and media outlets. With a passion for love, Marie-Claire is talking freely about all things sex and relationships.


Marie-Claire is a successful entrepreneur, educator, best-selling author and woman on a mission. Her mission is to teach individuals and couples about the power of intimacy, sex and communication. Also, most importantly – how to have FUN doing it.

Combining more than 30 years of teaching experience and AASECT and ISEE Sexual Educator certifications. In addition, Marie-Claire also uses the Gottman Method to reignite passion in singles and couples.

Marie-Claire’s talks on sex and relationships involve tips on communication, relationship dynamics, and sexual empowerment. Her goal is to create fun, memorable workshops in person (Ottawa) or online.

Marie-Claire is a well respected member in the industry. Additionally, she has featured as a keynote speaker, author, sexuality and dating coach, and educator. She has also featured in various media, including Dr. Karen Kan’s show. She’s made an appearance on the TV show ‘Entre Amis’ and the Sexxapalooza trade shows. Marie-Claire has also been featured as part of an expert panel for ‘Rethink Breast Cancer’, and has been featured in ‘The Parenting Times’. Additionally, more recently, Marie-Claire has starred on Barbara Balfour’s television show ‘Ask an Expert’.

More importantly, Marie-Claire’s recent publication ‘Honeymoon Playbook’ is now a bestseller and available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Some talking points with Marie-Claire may include…

  • Recent Best-Seller, Honeymoon Playbook: This book is not just for honeymooners!
  • How couples can transform their marriage or relationship from distant to simmering to HOT. Using practical, realistic and more than anything – FUN activities.
  • Hot Conversation Starters: How to make communication stress-free and also include it as a way of foreplay.
  • Kissing: What is the first sign that there is less romance in a marriage? It’s because couple’s stop kissing! Let’s bring back the KISS. What to do to bring it back, including some rather exciting tips and techniques.
  • Why sensual massage is important and takes intimacy and pleasure to a whole new level of foreplay.
  • Finally, SEX: Why it is important to get to know the opposite sex’s pleasure anatomy and also how to better please your partner, better communicate and fulfill your own desires.

Our team at Relationship Bliss look forward to booking Marie-Claire for her revelatory sex and relationship talks. Please feel free to contact us any time with inquiries or bookings.

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