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Marie-Claire is a successful entrepreneur, educator, best-selling author and woman on a mission. Her mission is to teach individuals and couples about the power of intimacy, sex and communication. Also, most importantly – how to have FUN doing it. Combining more than 30 years of teaching experience and AASECT and ISEE Sexual Educator certifications. In addition, Marie-Claire also uses the Gottman Method to reignite passion in singles and couples. Marie-Claire’s talks on sex and relationships involve tips on communication, relationship dynamics, and sexual empowerment. Her goal is to create fun, memorable workshops in person (Ottawa) or via online Zoom or Skype.

Marie-Claire is a well respected member in the industry. She has featured as a keynote speaker, author, sexuality / dating coach, and educator. She has also featured in various media, including Dr. Karen Kan’s show. Additionally, she’s made an appearance on the TV show ‘Entre Amis’ and the Sexxapalooza trade shows. Marie-Claire has also been featured as part of an expert panel for ‘Rethink Breast Cancer’, and has been featured in ‘The Parenting Times’. Additionally, more recently, Marie-Claire has starred on Barbara Balfour’s television show ‘Ask an Expert’.



Marie-Claire’s best-selling publication ‘Honeymoon Playbook’ is available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I’m interested in booking a session, but my partner is not convinced it will solve things. Will it still work? What if he does not want to come?

Yes it will. Most of my clients feel comfortable after just a few minutes. friendly, approachable, they get that I really want to help. 

Do you think it’s possible for a couple to survive a partner cheating? Have you ever encountered this in your practice?

Yes I have. When it comes to infidelity I usually look  to the work of Esther Perel. She says: 

 “To just push people to divorce and to think that divorce is always the better solution when it dissolves all the family bonds … Entire lives are intertwined with a marriage. It isn’t just the relationship between the spouses. It is social networks, it’s lives of children, it’s grandchildren, it’s economics.” 

The couples that I have worked with have better sex lives than their pre-infidelity as they understand that they need to be innovative, exciting and live a more connected life. There is no better way to do that than to figure out how your spouse needs to feel loved in the bedroom (and out lol). I am surprised how Honeymoon Playbook has helped these types of couples. Again, using communication to understand your spouse’s sexual and loving blueprint needs to be explored. 

What do you think is one of the biggest myths about sex?

That all women can have orgasms via vaginal penetration. A Florida study conducted by Dr Mintz suggests that only 5% of women can have orgasms via vaginal penetration.. I have also heard many sexual educators and therapists say that they do have an orgasm because they manage to rub the clitoris during penetration. I want to shout it from the roof top, the clitoris is like a mini-penis and some researchers feel that it is even an extension to the G-spot. Of course some women can have orgasms many different ways, however they prove to be the exception. 

That is why I don’t focus too much on penetration in my book and more on exploration. However, it does make both parties feel very connected and it does feel so great to be energetically connected!

What was one of your most significant and memorable cases you’ve worked with?

One of my clients was in a very apathetic stage in his life as he was so shy and did not know how to talk to women. He was so lonely and had many automatic negative thoughts. We worked on that and I taught him how to talk to women by focusing on his qualities and gifts and what type of questions to ask women. He nick named me his “wing girl”. I also helped him take more pride in his appearance. I helped him find his own unique style and was so surprised how well he scrubbed up! He is now engaged to a nurse and is over the moon in love!

Do you have a key piece of advice you would pass on to people trying to navigate the dating world in an age dominated by technology and an ever increasing pace of life?

Not to spend too much time online or texting back and forth. Schedule a date ASAP and you will have an idea in very little time if there is chemistry!

Your book, Honeymoon Playbook has become a bestseller in multiple categories on Amazon. Why do you think this is such an important book for couples?

I wrote it to help couples from the beginning. 20% of couples divorce in the first 5 years and that is too many. Honeymoon Playbook is all about communication, pleasure teachniques and having a lot more fun through PLAY.

With technology, how has sex education changed and where do you think it’s going?

Unfortunately a lot of sexuality today is taught via porn. 93% of boys and 62% of girls under 18 have been exposed to porn. Sadly it leaves unsatisfactory and often causes feelings of loneliness. Studies have consistently shown that porn consumers tend to feel less love and trust in their marriages. They also experience more negative communication with their partners, feel less dedicated to their relationship, have a harder time making adjustments to their partner, enjoy less sexual satisfaction, and commit more infidelity. Sadly, porn has become a sexual educator and that type of sexuality is lacking communication and connection. 

What are some of the most common sexual problems encountered in men and women?
Men: The largest sexual issues I see in men are erectile dysfunction. By the way, rather than call it that, I call it Erecile Challenge. Ther is a rise as many of my clients have relied on porn and they come to me unable to get an erection. Many men also have physical illness blah blah…We can both add more here. 
In women: their pleasure is often not a priority not because men don’t want to please them, but because they also need to be educated to ask for what they want: According to a study by Dr Laurie Mintz at the Univ of Florida on 5% of women and 55% of men had an orgasm on first time hook up sex. 
What project have you done that you are most proud of?
I am really proud of the volunteer work I do to help men and women with sex and cancer. My mother had cancer and in her name I started helping women with breast cancer. I asked my mom: How do you feel about losing your breasts, she said I have other parts that are working great and are in need of attention. I want that kind of attitude and modeling to spread! 

Another female client told me that after our sessions, she had better love making skills than before cancer. She said having a great outcome after cancer brought her and her husband closer. When he tenderly kissed her scars, the tears flooded with huge release of pressure. Many other client do not feel like having sex, but a few mentioned that hugging is comforting and gave them strength. So many men don’t know what to do to pleasure their partners or wives. It always boils down to communication and open experimentation.  
One of my clients mentioned that making love to his girl friend was the only thing that made him feel alive during his treatments. (Note: they can not have sex during chemo as it can be transferred to their partner, then I recommend cuddling.) Chemo made him feel like he was living in an empty painful shell and making love to his girlfriend made him feel like he did not even have cancer. He would just live in the moment and he focused on their mutual pleasure. He said that it was the best way to relieve stress and that he was told that stress is the biggest cancer killer. 
You have given workshops on kissing in the past. Why is kissing so important while dating and in long term relationships?
Research says that 69% of women and 55% of men won’t go to a second date based on a bad first kiss. That is why I always offer kissing techniques in my dating sessions and workshops. Many of my clients and students have had a LOT of FUN kissing the hand and a variety of delicious fruit and chocolate. God I love this job!
Kissing is a barometer of how a couple are doing romantically in their relationships. I tell my couples to bring back the kiss. Besides, it is one of the best ways to romance and simmer your partner or spouse. 
It is important to figure what kind of style of kissing your partner would prefer. I showcase 7 styles of kissing in Honeymooon Playbook. So pucker up and try some of the kissing styles! Chances are, your lover may want to be kissed differently than you do, or vice versa. Why not have fun with conducting a few kissing experiments tonight?