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On a scale of 1 to 10, How is your Relationship going?

I have a lot of women tell me they would love to come to my retreats, but they can’t get their partners to go.

BIG TIP: Let them know what’s in it for them: a deeper emotional connection, mutual respect, improved communication of deep needs, making each other’s dreams come true, and YES better physical connection! This experience is all about partnership and fun!

Sometimes we need a positive passionate shake up in our couple. I am here to help!

Just take one day and one night (at The Brookstreet Hotel) and be prepared to watch the sparks fly.



Our retreats are hosted in a safe, supportive environment, and you don’t have to share any information as we want you to be comfortable and have fun! 

Marie-Claire Thauvette is Ottawa’s #1 certified dating, relationship & intimacy coach and best selling author of Honeymoon Playbook; and she is bringing her expertise to you this summer!

Dedicate a weekend to each other to set your romantic hearts on fire!

You and you partner will experience:
– loving communication
– creative and fun ways to spice up your relationship
– renewed intimacy

A playful, intimate, professional, safe, and comfortable group setting where couples
(no more than 4) will learn about:
(breakout rooms to discuss more private conversations)

– learn your and your partner’s love languages and how to meet these important needs
– use loving communication through sweet soft conversation starters
– develop a romance plan blueprint to ensure you continue your new connection
– learn how to playfully simmer your partner
– explore ideas on how to include more play in your couple
– develop a personalized play and/or adventure plan
– have fun trying out hot conversation starters
– share and compare ideas on how to have more fun on date nights
– learn about various pleasure techniques (optional)

Included in package:

-signed copy of the bestselling relationship book: Honeymoon Playbook
-coconut massage oil, bubble bath and candles.
-Fruit plate, coffee, tea, wine, Mediterranean-style lunch, breakfast brunch at the Brookstreet Hotel
Hotel recommendations offered to suit your budget.

– presented by Marie-Claire Thauvette: Author, Certified intimacy, couples’ and life coach,
30 years combined experience.
– pricing early bird $199/p.p., $250/p.p. (prepaid 2 weeks before retreat) Friday 7-9pm Saturday 9-2:30pm
Sunday by appointment 30 minute private session, 3-5 weeks later 1 hour private session
– or call (613) 435-8474 for more information.
– registration via e-transfer to:


7:00-9:00pm Romance
Present Your Partner
Tending the Flames: Five Love Languages*
Breakout Rooms- Your Love Language
Warming Up: The Communication Method*

9:00-2:30pm Fun & Love
Breakout Rooms-Practice Communication Style
Breakout Rooms: How do I prefer to be romanced?
Simmering: Ideas brainstorm
Increase the Heat in the Bedroom (Optional)
Breakout Rooms-Hot conversation starters
Turning Up a Notch: Expressing Desires
Let’s play more!
Breakout Rooms: Adventure plan
Sizzling Fantasies
Breakout Rooms: Choose Your Fantasy
Pleasure Anatomy
Write each other a love letter.

The following morning:

At the hotel: Debrief from the evening and go over any specific issues your couple is experiencing: 30 minutes
We meet by telephone or Skype 3-5 weeks later to review assignments and any specific issues: 60 minutes

The Couples we had on our last retreat left on FIRE for each other, with a renewed passion and mutual BLISS through a deeper connection.

Check out what some of our Couples had to say:

“This is a fun learning experience for you and your wife or girlfriend. You are learning new healthy tricks and fun to become better at Romancing your partner and make them feel good sexually! Guys, this is going to make your couple better and have fun sex more [often.]”


“I really enjoyed the day. Spending a day focusing on our couple and our present needs was fun and I got to learn more about my partner, his needs, and mine at the same time! Would definitely recommend!”

– Grace​​​​​

“I enjoyed my time at the workshop. No stress, easy going. Not embarrassing or stressful. Easy to ask questions on any topic in her book.”

– Michael​​​​​
“We really enjoyed this workshop. We learned things about each other that surprised and delighted us. We rediscovered memories of us as a couple we had long forgotten. This has given us ideas to put more play & fun in our relationship and to put our focus back on us as a couple, not just parents, wife & business people.”

– Anne​​​​​​

Need to learn more? Call me at 613.435.8474 or send me a message at

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