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We live in a world that is obsessed with the beauty ideal. A survey showed that just over a third of people feel down or low about their body image. That’s a lot of unhappy people. Placing too much focus on having the perfect body is such a waste of time and resources. Let’s escape this social pressure and learn to live life with more self confidence. Not only should you accept your body – you should learn to love it!

These ten steps are meant to be a start to send you on a path of self-discovery to affect change, to feel self confidence and most importantly to experience self-love. .

1. What body part do you focus negatively on?

Any time a negative thought pops up about that body part, talk to that body part. Use a word like “SWITCH” and change your thoughts on the spot AND SWITCH to sending compassionate thoughts to that part of your body as if she/he was a child needing your deep love. “My belly is so fat”=SWITCH=”I appreciate the way you work hard at digesting all my food.”

2. Surround yourself with positive people and let go of the negative ones.

So make a list right now of all the negative and positive people in your life, and make a plan to ditch the negative ones. Sometimes that is easier said than done right? Is one of them a nasty relative? Limit your time with them and be polite, but do move your attention elsewhere. Keeping the negative focus of these people front and centre will only hurt you so flick them some love and move on.

3. Focus on the greatness of your body

Make a list of what your bodies does that you need to celebrate now: dances, creates, enjoys sports, laughs, meditates, yoga, dreams…

4. Seek out positive media that highlights what will make your dreams come true

Travel magazines, trade magazines, blogs that inspire you to become a better you, creative blogs and don’t linger on the ads.

5. Make a top 10 list why you are so special.

Ask your friends and/or partner to help. Read that list every single day.

6. Treat yourself

Make a top 5 list of how you can pamper yourself: Soak in a bubble bath, book a massage, make a date with your top friends, buy an inspiring book, go for a swim or a skate

7. Touch your body parts with love

Take a bubble bath or a nice hot shower and slowly and sensually touch yourself. Let all the negative thoughts about your body go down the drain. It is not serving your purpose any more.

8. Make your top ten list of really fun local bucket list items you have to do in your community and then pop them on your calendar.

No more wasting time watching shows and wasting time on social media, there is lots of fun to be had out there.

9. Random Act of Kindness

Instead of worrying about what your body looks like, do something good for someone every day of your life with that beautiful body of yours, like hug your loved ones, open the door or carry something for someone that is struggling, pat someone on the back. At the end of the day list three things you are grateful for that day.

10. Eat Mindfully; for Positive Energy

Ask yourself will my body appreciate the nutrients that this food will have to offer? Will it improve my mood, my digestive health and my energy levels? Chose foods that will make your body feel balanced. When you do eat, do it slowly and with joy.

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