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Talking about sex with your children can be a tricky topic.  Luckily, as a sex educator for over 30 years, educating my kids has been a natural experience. But this isn’t the case for a lot of parents out there. From knowing what topics should be discussed to how you can talk about them, I’m here to give you the lowdown on sex positive parenting.

Although it might seem easier to not talk about these subjects with your kids, this might not always be the best solution. Children are naturally curious and if they hear about these things elsewhere, they might not be learning accurate information.

Also, creating an open channel to talk about these subjects with your children will make them feel more comfortable to talk to you. This will strengthen your relationship and positively shape your childs perspective.

Check out the video below for tips on sex positive parenting.

Educate Yourself

Sometimes WE need some education too. As a sex, dating and relationship coach working in the field for over 30 years, even I’m still learning today. Check out more content and improve your love life!

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