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Sex can be a deeply satisfying – but many of us have not been taught how to have enduring sex lives that allow for even deeper healing and connection with our partner over time. This is where enlisting the help of a sexpert comes in!

Have you ever found yourself asking…

  • I want to help my partner “get in the mood” but I’m not sure how to go about it…
  • I’m just not in the mood… How can I increase my own libido?
  • How do I ask for love using my Love Language (in a way my partner understands)?
  • What turns women on? What about men?
  • How can I last longer in bed?

So many people ask these questions and it is totally normal. Getting the help of a sexpert can answer all these questions and more. You can change your love life and start having the best sex of your life!

Check out this juicy interview, and hear the answers to these questions and more from bestselling author and sexpert Marie-Claire Thauvette and Law of Attraction in Love Expert Dr. Karen Kan.


Signs You Might Need A Sex Educator

by Dr Karen Kan & Marie-Claire Thauvette | Podcast Episode

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