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Add A Romp in Nature to Your Bucket List

Outdoor sex often falls in couples’ top five love-making memories.

Have you ever made love in a meadow, with a fresh breeze tickling your hair and the sun on your bare skin?

First, there’s the novelty of being outside.

Secondly, the potential of getting caught in the act adds an erotic adrenaline rush. This can tap into fantasies and heighten the sexual intensity.

Need another reason to move the action outside?

In 2010, a study involving sixty eight participants reported that exposure to sunshine increased dopamine levels in most test subjects. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter in the brain closely associated with feelings of pleasure – so being outdoors adds a healthy boost to your libido!

While outdoor summer sex can be spontaneous, it’s typically more successfully with a little advanced planning. But don’t be fooled, planning is half the fun! Planning your nature romps can kick-start a nice simmer of sexual tension.

Here are some advance planning tips that will make this adventure more enjoyable:

  • Bring a blanket, a bottle of wine (or your favourite beverage), fresh fruit: cherries, strawberries, chocolate etc. (Hand feeding your partner berries while you drink wine is the perfect after-play!)
  • Avoid putting your blanket over stones and branches and anything prickly. If possible, find a nice mossy patch for a cushy ‘love nest’.
  • Be well versed in the identification of nasty botanical enemies like poison ivy and poison oak. Nothing brings a sexy outdoor rendez-vous to a screeching halt like a painful rash.
  • Depending on your location, you may also want to keep a lookout for any curious wildlife. Hint: The “sixty-nine” position gives you a clear view in both directions.

Remember that sex outdoors is against the law, so do be discreet. Find a secluded spot that is safely tucked away. This will help you and your partner really open up and enjoy the experience without landing a ticket or fine!

Finding the Perfect Spot for Outdoor Sex

  • Go for a hike or a bike ride and scope out a meadow.
  • Hit up a beach and keep walking along the shoreline until you find a secluded area.
  • A farmer’s field.
  • Feeling particularly daring? Try a forest close to a golf course (beware of stray golf balls, and stay away from parks where children might be at play).
  • Drive down an abandoned road and pick your spot
  • Rent a convertible, maybe even a sports car, put the top down and pretend you are teenagers again
  • This does take a little courage, but I guarantee it will be an experience you and your partner will always remember .

As a Relationship and Sex Coach I always leave my clients with a ‘Home-Play’ assignment. So, here it is:

Name three places in which you would DARE to have Outdoor Play and describe what you PLAN on doing there:


Remember to be safe and have fun!

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