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A Truly Unique Relationship Retreat!

Want to rediscover your relationship passion and reconnect with your partner on a deeper level? Serving as a popular alternative to traditional therapy and couples counseling, our Yurt Relationship Building Coaching Retreats offer an 80% success rate compared to conventional therapy.

Couples therapy does not have to be a painful experience! Enjoy relationship coaching in a peaceful outdoor setting.

Located just over 90 minutes from Ottawa, Ontario, you will instantly feel refreshed and relaxed in this serene outdoor setting.

2022 Dates (2 nights, 3 days):

July 25-27

Aug 17-19

Aug 29-Sep 2

Sep 12-15

Sep 15-17

Sept 21-23

Say YES now and INVEST in your couple!

massage table in yurt
lounge chairs outdoors on lake

Relationship retreats are especially successful for healing and revitalizing your connection for these reasons:

  • Utilizing a combination of science-based methods, this format helps you work together in “We-ness” and see immediate success.
  • Dedicating time together in an environment that promotes learning, understanding, and relationship improvement techniques in a short period is extremely effective.
  • Relationship retreats for couples give you the time and space to unwind from years of poor relationship habits, identify triggers, and communicate effectively in a common language.
  • Couples coaching retreats for couples provide the groundwork for partners to establish a solid base for continuous relationship improvement and lifetime satisfaction.

The Yurt Intensive Coaching Retreat is a two night, three day journey that is long enough to ensure that real changes can take hold, but does not interfere with major life commitments

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paddleboard with paddle and lake

What Is Included?

  • Two night, three day stay in a tranquil, private yurt
  • Welcome gifts
  • Two sessions with Marie-Claire before for the Gottman Check-Up Test
  • Eight sessions at the yurt
  • Reception cocktail, choice of wine, or beer — and other refreshments
  • Daily snacks and nutritious meals
  • Gottman Test assessment
  • Gottman book and a signed copy of Marie-Claire’s book, Honeymoon Playbook
  • We’ll shed light on the issues at hand and give you tools for success that you can start implementing right away
  • Massage class
  • Use of kayak, SUP, and hammock
  • Morning stretching and belly dancing (these are optional, you may want to sleep in)
  • Extra fee: Orgasmic massage session (it is pure BLISS!) — 1.5 hours
  • After the Yurt experience, we will meet in-person or via Zoom two times to make sure that we reinforce the habits you agree to keep up as a couple.




Who Is Leading The Relationship Retreat?

Marie-Claire Thauvette (M-C), B.A., B.Ed. AASECT, WASC, Relationship and Sex Coach

More about Marie-Claire…

  • Over ten years of experience as a Couples and Sexuality Coach
  • AASECT Board Certified Sexual Educator
  • World Association Sex Coach
  • Level 2 Gottman’s (watch video below for more information)
  • National level speaker
  • Award-winning author of Honeymoon Playbook
  • Over 20 years of experience as a Stress Relief Coach
  • Nutrition Consultant
  • Relaxation Massage and Sensual Massage Teacher
  • Belly and burlesque dancer
  • Co-host of the Passion Perspective podcast

M-C provides couples with fun, mindful, and innovative solutions — backed by science — to help them bond and build strong futures.

56% of couples undergoing regular therapy are unchanged — or deteriorate — two years after counseling.

In Gottman’s Therapy, couples improve by 70-80%. When M-C adds the intimacy component, she believes that percentage is even higher.


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Your relationship with your spouse or partner is the most important relationship of your lifetime. 


MC is incredible! She’s empathetic, knowledgeable and genuinely cares for us and our couple. She’s been an immense help. If you’re wanting to improve your relationship then a conversation with MC is definitely worthwhile having! 🙏”
Harry G.

MC is an incredible listener, coach and couple champion. She’s helped my wife and I where more than 10 other therapists have opted out, and she’s helped us get more wins, connection and breakthroughs than we’ve had working with any other therapist before her. MC is someone to trust, and to fall in love with along the way. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Tristan S.

You don’t want to miss this great opportunity to elevate your relationship to a healthy, strong, and more blissful state.

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“I was going through a very hard time. Just talking to MC made me feel more confident and secure to take the next step in my life. She is very supportive and understanding, it is clear how passionate she is and how she is willing to help until the end. I really recommend her.”

– Emily V.